Amazon, come to NY!

Amazon is one of the biggest transnational corporation in the world, making over 135 billion dollars per year. Last September, the company announced that it was launching the construction of its second headquarters, called HQ2, and was looking for a city to settle in. Amazon’s requirements for cities were a metro area with at least 1 million residents, proximity to an international airport, and educated workforce, a business friendly environment, and the potential to attract and retain strong technical talent. In two months, Amazon received more than 200 proposals from cities all around North-America. Among those proposals is New York, arguably the world’s most attractive global city. New York is the perfect place for Amazon’s headquarters, because of its key infrastructure that provides great integration in global flows, its business activity that creates a perfect environment for companies to thrive and generate capital, and its cultural and political centers that will make of Amazon an even more renown transnational corporation.  

New York is at the center of flows in globalization, through its key infrastructure. Internationally, NY has two important airports, JFK and Newark, that are recognized as the US’s premier gateway for passengers and cargo. The city also gathers three deep water ports, Elizabeth, Red Hook, Jersey, that are a major asset for international shipping of Amazon’s products.

Nationally, New York is well-linked to major cities in the East Coast such as Washington D.C., Boston and Philadelphia, through railway network. Also, NY is well connected to the rest of the country with more than 160,000 miles of highways that links major cities together. Finally, NY’s boroughs are interconnected, thanks to NY’s efficient subway system, which is ranked 1st in North America according to CNN. Subway lines in NY are doubled up so that all local and express train can run simultaneously 24 hours a day. Thus, the first reason why Amazon should come to NY is that the city will be able to completely integrate Amazon in global and national flows through its key infrastructure, facilitating tremendously the shipping of the products.

New York is also known as the city that never sleep, because it has the world’s most active and innovative business activity. New York is the host of major financial centers, such as Wall Street and NASDAQ, that provide a fair capitalist environment for companies to grow in. New York is also a center of innovation. Silicon Alley, which is encompassing NY’s most innovative companies in the tech industry, is attracting many investors and companies that boost the economy of the city. The spirit of innovation in NY will for sure help Amazon grow and innovate as a global TNC. Finally, NY’s tech workforce is without à doubt the most qualified in the world. Not only is NY Metro area tech workforce is the biggest in the country, but 2.3 million New Yorkers have a bachelor degree, which it said is more than Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington and Boston combined.

Moreover, NY has two universities ranked in the top 50 worldwide, Columbia and NYU, that add tremendous potential to this qualified workforce by attracting brilliant students from all over the first. As can be seen, NY is the best city for Amazon HQ2 for its economic prosperity, innovation, and qualified workforce.


Finally, NY is the perfect city for Amazon’s global awareness and growth in popularity. NY’s political engagement is remarkable, as its global and national governance is one of the most influential in the world. Indeed, the United Nations’ headquarters in NY allow the city to be a major decision center, therefore putting the city at the heart of political affairs. This is for sure an asset for Amazon, as the company would be in a city that is always in the news. Speaking of news, NY is also at the heart of information flows. NY’s media contains Wall Street Journal, NY times, and The Student’s Mail, newsfeed that are internationally diffused. Moreover, NY’s tv channels, ABC and CBS, have more than 300 million viewers in the world, therefore having the potential to create major publicity for Amazon.

With its numerous museums and cultural centers, such as the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, NY offers a  true cultural experience to its 60 million annual tourists. Not only does tourism in NY contribute to the city’s economy, but it would certainly promote Amazon’s popularity worldwide, as people would come to visit Amazon HQ2.

This environment would also be the perfect place for the company to open a new retail location. Thus, NY is the best city for Amazon HQ2 because it will provide an ideal environment for the company to increase its global awareness.

Therefore, New York is the perfect place for Amazon HQ2, because it will integrate Amazon is global flows, provide the company with economic prosperity and qualified workforce, and will help Amazon increase its global awareness. As de Blasio wrote in a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, “The case for New York City is simple: we are the global capital of commerce, culture and innovation. No city has a greater diversity of talent, of industries, and of collisions that fuel great ideas and companies.”

by Hugo B.