Africa, Africa. A collage of shades of white, black, yellow but red throughout. Africa, Africa. The sky,  mountains, plateaus, plains, rivers, lakes, basins and seas adore you. Your shape made in the image of your greatest sin. The gun. Mother to a bygone man who fell victim. Slavery.

 The time has come, it stands before us, it sours the air. It parades before us. Reject it! The answer must be no. No to disease, no to rampant famine, no to illiteracy, no to impoverished intellectuals, no to the dead and dying, no to the din of weaponry, no to the massacring massacred. Africa, Africa. The world’s plague. You possess nothing, you let everything go. No, no and again no. An abundance of riches, a dearth of prosperity. Contradiction.

The time has come, it stands before us, it scents the air. Seize it! The answer must be yes. Yes to progress, yes to peace, yes to reconciliation, yes to humility and honesty, yes to justice, yes to emancipation. Study, dream, work, begin, invest in your Africa. It not today, then it will come tomorrow. The day of your soaring triumph, the day of your everlasting, crowning glory. Emergence.


Africa, Africa. The world’s ray of light. Remember that hot water never forgets that it was once cold. Pride.