A summary of the Olympics

This is it! The Olympic games in Rio have ended! Before the Paralympic games start, here is a review of some countries’ games:

Ivory Coast in the Olympics: historic games!

Among the twelve athletes that composed the Ivorian delegation, Marie Josée Ta lou, Ben Youssef Meite and Murielle Ahoure were carried the highest hopes for medals, competing in the 100 and 200 meters.

Sadly, none were able to make...Read More »

Brazil in its Olympics

Numerous incidents widely discussed in the national as well as international press already formed an ill-boding future for Brazil in the Rio Olympic Games. Starting with the Zika virus, it was soon followed by the scandalously polluted Bay of Guanabara, the unfinished repairs in the...Read More »

Canada at the 2016 Olympics

The Rio Olympics have been some of the most controversial; yet, when the time came for competition, the controversies were put aside as the world watched medals being won and records being broken.

Spending my summer in the U.S was as frustrating as ever;...Read More »

Afghanistan's Olympics

Afghanistan first attended the Olympic Games in Berlin, in 1936. Since then it is the 14th time Afghanistan appears in the Games. Despite many years of conflict and war showing no signs of ending, the Afghans have made three consecutive appearances at the...Read More »