A Hungarian insight

SportsHun1Since we can’t call any sports the absolute Hungarian national sport, here is a peak on the ones that are currently popular and successful.

Regarding popularity and successes, kayak and canoe events are highly important in Hungary. The national kayak-canoe team is very often the top runner in European and International kayak-canoe competitions (for example in the last World Championship in Milan) as well as in the Olympic Games. The Hungarian kayak-canoe recruitment is one of the best in the  world.

SportsHun2In the same way, water sports have eminent successes and popularity in the Hungarian athletic life. The Hungarian national water-polo league is the most strongest of the world, the national teams is one of the best five of the world (Serbia, Hungary, Italy, USA and Croatia, in this order).

Swimmers win a lot of medals in the world races. Hungarian sportsmen and sportswomen have met the world record in a number of swimming events. As an example, Hungary won the 8th greatest number of medals in the last World Championship in Kazan; and  the 6th greatest number of medals in the swimming events.

There is one more typical and significant  sport: fencing. The Hungarian fencers (similarly to the canoeists) have been very successful since the birth of the Olympic Games.

The popularity of ball sports is still very high. The biggest successes were reached in the 50’s and 60’s (Olympic gold medal; silver medal in the World Cup; the Match of the Century, England-Hungary 3:6), the national football team is fighting heroically in the qualifying rounds but the U-teams can bear up under the international football events. Moreover, lots of Hungarian football players play in the most famous football leagues of Europe, China and also of the USA.SportsHun4

On the other hand, the Hungarian handball clubs are always in the competition for the Champions’ League trophy and the national teams get good places in the international championships.

There are some kinds of sports where the Hungarian athletes are in the vanguard of the world: track and field (throwing the hammer), gymnastics (pommel horse exercises), judo, boxing, wrestling, shooting, pentathlon and tennis.

The tennis successes from the last championship in Wimbledon: a Hungarian tennis player played in the pre-final of women’s doubles, got the 2nd place in mixed doubles; the Hungarian junior women’s double won  the final in Wimbledon. Moreover, also the Hungarian chess players are very successful, for example a Hungarian player has been the first on the women’s world ranking lists for decades.

We can agree despite the fact that Hungary is a small country but is very successful in sports, the number of Olympic, World Championship- and European Championship-medals per head is the highest in the world.

– by Lorinc F.