A four letter word

a four word letter
few letters, wide meaning
everyone of us choose to define it as he like
some consider it as a magical reaction from first sight, an intense electricity and a deep connection
some define it as an equation of trust and respect
some consider it their collection of books
their favourite café at the corner
their writings
their loneliness and thoughts
reason of living
the reason why they wake up everyday
hope of a better world ,
strengh ,
the silliest things that draw a smile on a person’s face .. but let me tell you
that little word with such a big affect is a way of living
we breathe love
we think love
we say love
we feel love
adopt that way of life,
learn to cherish it
it has a meaning wider than you have ever thought
not necessary a relation between two people or two genders but also
I guess you’ll tell me why? why that topic specifically? an odd topic and a silly one
but let me tell you
these things you find silly
these things you find odd ,
aren’t odd at all !

by Ghada C.