A diverse Family spectrum in the US

The definition of family is changing in the United States. While the number of traditional married families has declined, cohabitation, remarriage, and divorce are on the rise. This change is mainly due to this independence that women have gained during the last decades: while in the 1950s, most births came via marriage, there is a lot more single women who are raising their child on their own today. Indeed, entering the workforce allowed women to earn enough money to gain their independence from men. In fact, even in married families, the wife is often the breadwinner for the family.

As a result of these changes, there is no dominant type of family in the United States. Parents are now raising their children in many diverse ways, and people are a lot less strict about family rules. In the 1960s almost 3 out of 4 children lived with two married parents, which is a lot more compared to the 46 percent of nowadays.

With this new diversity, the United States government had to offer new programs designed to help families. One major program permits families to find affordable housing. Moreover, the government assures every child’s education by establishing a free public school system. And after high school, underprivileged students have the opportunity to get a scholarship to go to college. Thus, the US government has also evolved to adapt itself to the evolution of families.

-Hugo B.