A beautiful poem from Poland

What is Christmas?
Christmas used to be running down the stairs in the morning to find presents under the tree.
It used to be singing carols so often that the lyrics would get stuck in your head for weeks.
Or taking part in the school’s concert;
Dancing in a Christmas recital;
Stealing freshly baked cookies from the kitchen;
Building a gingerbread house and trying not to eat it immediately afterwards.
And it still is what it used to be.
It’s decorating the tree, only now it happens purely because that’s how you’re supposed to do it.
Singing Christmas songs, but just when you’re stuck in traffic;
Buying presents, worrying about getting them for everyone on time;
Attempting to bake, recreating the recipes grandma never even needed to look at;
All while hoping for the carefree attitude a child has to return.
And it does.
In spite of how impossible it always seems.
Because even though there’s more than the Christmas tree to think about;
The planning seems overwhelming;
And the family will probably start arguing after the first hour spent together;
Christmas still is the magical time it was.
It is sitting on a plane for hours at a time.
Just to see the ones close to your heart smiling.
It is reflecting on all of the opportunities that the year has brought;
Wishing happiness to everyone around;
Sharing traditions and stories to feel that Christmas spirit yet again;

Never forgetting how magical that feeling is.


by Maria S.