News from Nepal

NepalA boy named Jeevan B.K. attacked a girl named Sangita Pulami Magar by “acid” when she was waiting for the teacher in tuition class in Basantapur. She was 16 year old S.L.C.( school leaving certificate ), and became badly injured. The victim’s mother was sad for her poor child and wanted her agressor hanged otherwise punished by a whole life in jail. She also requested that their child be looked after by the government. The victim was examined in the hospital, and at first the doctor said it was difficult to save her, but now she is out of danger.

 The boy was caught after nearly a month. Both him and the victim lived in the same home in rent. The girl used to take tuition class from him in grade 8. When they first met each other, the boy lied her in his caste: he said that he was Khadka ( one of the castes of Bhramin , Cheetri ) but actually he is B.K ( which is considered as low caste here). After he was caught, he reavealed the whole story. He said the girl and he was in relation but when she knew that he was of low caste, she simply ignored him and left him. Slowly the two family started to fight some day telling that there was smell of “gaza and cigarette” coming from toilet and someday about the caste. As aresult, the boy thought to kill the girl by hitting her with a rod, but one day when he watched a serial named “sabdhan india” (meaning be careful India) he thought to spray acid on her and make her face ugly.

The 22 year old boy used to earn the living by selling tea where one day there came an offer of working in Indian force. He went to Sikkim to try for it by taking 50,000 money from his father. He failed there but didn’t inform his father that he was coming back.

Living in a rent he thought to attack the girl.

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He went to a battery shop and bought acid in a bottle, and then he went to the tuition class and attacked her.

When the police, trying to find her agressor, started asking her if she had doubt on anybody she said no. But on the 5th day she revealed that might be Jeevan so the police started searching for him. They asked his family but they said that he had gone to Sikkim. After many days he was finally caught in his room. The police started checking his hands to see if there was any effect of acid on his hand, but he knew what they were triying to find out and he started telling the truth.

 Some people say he should be hanged, some say he should be given the same torture, they have their own views. In my view, firstly if there was still no discrimination regarding the caste of someone, then the event would surely not take place. People still believe in higher and lower caste which is creating big problems. Secondly the boy shouldn’t have lied to the girl about his caste.

– by Susie M.